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Common misspelt words: my top 50 misspelt words

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Common misspelt words: my top 50 misspelt words

Following from the popularity of my previous top 10 misspelt words blog, I am creating the top 50 with the help from my connections on LinkedIn.

I have been posting about misspellings for the last 3 months and collecting ideas from everyone. I tallied the results and generated the list. Then I created a poll for the top 4, you will have to read below to see what the winner was. So thank you very much to the people who commented on my posts and made this blog possible. Here is my list of top 50 misspelt words.

off vs of

(To be removed vs preposition expressing the relationship between part and whole.)

from vs form

(Indicating a point in space or time vs shape or structure.)

except vs accept

(Not including vs consent to undertake.)

“I don't see any use in having a uniform and arbitrary way of spelling words. We might as well make all clothes alike and cook all dishes alike. Sameness is tiresome; variety is pleasing.” ― Mark Twain

bare vs bear

(Not covered vs the animal.)

stationary vs stationery

(Not moving vs office materials.)

you vs your vs you're

(Pronoun vs belonging to vs contraction of you are.)

“Youir're doing this wrong.” ― Will Advise

definitely vs definately

(Mixed up i and a. Topical misspelling from Line of Duty.)

practise vs practice

(To carry out or perform (verb) vs the actual action or performance (noun).)

affect vs effect

(To act on or to cause a change in (verb) vs a change which is a result of an action (noun).)

there vs their vs they're

(Describes place or position (adverb) vs belonging to vs they are (contraction).)

Did you see any patterns emerging? The mathematician in me always likes to analyse. But I think I will leave that to another blog.

What would be your number one misspelt word?

I am a freelance proofreader and a qualified teacher with a love of learning. Thank you for reading 'Common misspelt words: my top 50 misspelt words'. Want to find more out about how much my proofreading costs?

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