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What can I do for you?

Do you need your maths checking?

I can work through your maths and check for content. I can spot errors in formulas and calculations.

Do you need support with your educational content?

I am a qualified teacher and have experience copyediting primary maths online learning modules. I can use my teaching experience to support learning progression. Find out more.

Do you need support with your spelling?

I can spot commonly misspelled words. Some people call me a walking dictionary.

Do you need your writing to be consistent?

I can cross-check your writing and references. I will look for consistency in your layout, titles, page details and content.

Do you need your business marketing to portray the correct message?

I have experience in advertising my own business and blogging to reach my target audience.  I can support you with proofreading your website, blogs, email marketing and newsletters.

Do you need your work to be accurate?

I can spot the smallest of errors and have an eye for details.

Do you want your work ready to be published? 

I can do all the final checks and ensure you are happy with your finished work ready to take the next step. We can do it together!

Do you need some support with your writing?

I have background knowledge in education and maths. I love checking figures, graphs and map reading. I have an eye for detail and can check for consistency and accuracy.

Do you need help with your grammar and punctuation?

I can support you with tips and my knowledge. Check out my blog for advice.

Do you need help with Harvard referencing?

I have experience of academically using Harvard referencing and supporting students with accurately using Harvard referencing in their essays.


Proofreading services

Do you require a proofreader?

Find out what services are on offer.

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How much does proofreading cost?

Check out my competitive prices.

How I can support you


Thank you for completing my Misspelt words quiz.


The only correct quote was Gandhi's 'An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching'. 

So keep on practising and congratulations if you got it correct!

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