I have experience in proofreading the following types of publications:

  • Teacher's Phonics Guides                               - I monitored educational content. 

  • Teacher's Maths Textbooks                             - I checked the maths calculations.

  • University online learning modules               - I ensured quality learning and presentation.

  • Travel Guidebooks                                          - I ensured they contained accurate details.

  • Primary online learning modules                   - I copyedited to improve the learning.

  • Primary and A Level maths modules              - I checked the maths was accurate.

  • Walking guidebook                                          - I analysed maps to ensure consistency.

  • Non-fiction books                                            - I ensured they were ready for publication.

  • Anthologies of poems and fables                     - I ensured it was an accurate translation.

  • Termly Educational magazines                       - I ensured the layout was consistent.

  • E-learning assessments                                  - I ensured educational content was correct.

  • IT Training websites                                       - I supported an accurate message to clients.

  • Educational reports on children's progress     - I monitored for educational content.

  • Training manuals                                            - I delivered concise instructions.

  • Nursing essays using Harvard referencing     - I checked cross-referencing and style.

  • Dissertations (Maths and Nursing)                 - I supported with clarity and understanding.

  • British Octopush Association Website              - I checked for accuracy and information.

  • IT Trainers blogs                                             - I delivered quality content.

  • LinkedIn profiles                                             - I ensured a meaningful portrayal. 

  • Journal Articles                                              - I checked for grammar and punctuation.                                               

Due to data privacy, I do not wish to divulge too many details of my recent projects.

Experience and problems solved

Termly Educational Magazine

Project Management Book for an independent author


Qualifications and training

  • Qualified Teacher Status and 2:1 Maths Degree with Honours

  • Early Years Professional Status

  • Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading - Proofreading 1- Introduction,

      Proofreading 2 - Headway and Proofreading 3 - Progress.

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