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SEO: How to review your website SEO

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

SEO how to review your SEO

Alison Proofreader

SEO: How to review your website SEO

My latest digital marketing assignment was to analyse the SEO of my website. So throughout this blog, I will share with you the three best tools to help you and some of the tips they gave me.

1. HubSpot Grader - SEO

The HubSpot Grader free tool was the favourite one that I used. It gave an overall review of every aspect and a list of tips on how to improve. For example, to reduce the number of images as my pages were slow to open. My website got an overall score of 70. SEO

HubSpot Grader gave a score of 25/30 for SEO. The area for improvement was the descriptive link text to tell visitors what they will see if they click the link and meta description to add to the <head> section of the page. The overview page for What should I do next? suggested removing the meta-tag/HTTP header to give permission to index so as to appear in search results.

My website scored 15/30 for performance. The areas to improve were to reduce the number of files the site loads and increase the loading speed. The tool stated there are 136 page requests which slow down the loading.

The HubSpot Grader gave a score of 20/30 for Mobile and the overview page for What should I do next? suggested to increase the size of the font so at least 60% of the page has a font size of 12px to make it more suitable for mobiles. Also, the tool suggested the buttons should be at least 8px apart.

The HubSpot Grader tool gave a page speed of 14.9 seconds which is too high and should be aiming towards 5.3 seconds. Better websites are less than 2.5 seconds. The tool suggests reducing JavaScript execution times, avoiding enormous network payloads and avoiding an excessive DOM size. Top tips for how to boost the site’s speed are reducing the size of images to load them faster and removing unnecessary code so the site runs as quickly as possible.

"SEO is a race not a sprint." Neil Patel

2. SEO Site Checkup - SEO

This free tool was very informative and SEO Site Checkup gave an overall score of 81/100. My website failed on common keywords not appearing in the meta-tags to help identify the topic of the webpage for search engines. The tool also flagged there are no H1 headings to indicate important topics.

One of the issues in the SEO Site Checkup was the size of my website, currently 113.0Kb compared to the average 33Kb. The tool suggests using HTML compression to reduce the HTML size.

The SEO Site Checkup tool raised a security issue to fix: to turn off the server signature to improve the website’s security. Also, the tool suggests to hide the email address to protect against spam harvesters. It also found the website is successfully using HTTPS which is a secure communication protocol.

"SEO is like a resume, you polish it so you have your best foot forwards." - Matt Cutts SEO

SEOptimer gave an overall score of B+, but the lowest score of C+ was for performance. The tool found the page’s server response time is reasonably low which is good for load speed, but the page’s file size is quite large and suggests keeping the page under 5MB in total file size.

The tool found 22 links, 18% of the links are external links and 0% of the links are nofollow links. The links appear friendly and are search engine readable. There were no broken links. Backlinks clearly are important and the more backlinks a page has the more traffic it receives.

"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first." ― Wendy Piersall

So why not test your website using the free tools I recommend. I hope reading about my analysis helped you think about your website and my top tips were useful. All the best for your SEO.

To find out more information, visit my website and see samples of my proofreading.

I am a freelance proofreader and a qualified teacher with a maths degree and a love of learning. Thank you for reading 'SEO: How to review your website SEO'. Want to find out more from my top tips from 2021?

Check out my blog "2021: Top tips from a proofreading business" on my website, or say hello on Twitter at @alisonproofread, or Instagram at @alisonproofreader, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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